The Morris Broadnax Story

THE Morris Broadnax Story

by James Mathenia

Mr. Morris Ervin Broadnax died, Feb. 17 2009. He was 78 years of age born Feb. 9 1931.

You can google Mr. Broadnax’s name on the Googles web site, You can obtain copies of his records on I Tunes. The following is a list of hit songs written by Mr. Broadnax.

1. Just a Little Misunderstanding   by the Contours

2. Hey Love                                                    Stevie Wonder  later done by R. Kelly

3. All I Do                                                         Stevie Wonder

4. Until You Come Back To Me                   Aretha Franklin

Note, Stevie Wonder sang “Until You Come Back To Me” first, but was not released by him. It was released by Aretha Franklin, and she made it a big hit. You can find Stevie Wonders version on his Greatest Hits album.

Now given the aforementioned records were hits, other songs were:

5. Angel Doll                                                  The Temptations

6. Everybody Needs Somebody & (I Need You)     Gladys Knight & The Pips

7. After You Put Back The Pieces (I’ll Still Have A Broken Heart),  Smokey Robinson

8. When I am Alone I Cry                             Marvin Gaye

9. A Weak Spot In My Heart                         The Isley Brothers

10. I Prayed For A Boy (Like You)              Brenda Holloway

11. All I Do                                                       Brenda Holloway

12 Without Your Sweet Lovin                       Marvin Gaye

13. Reaching For The Top                            The Broadnax Voices

14. What Else Is There To Do                       Four Tops

15. All I Do                                                        Tammi Terell

16. Maybe Today                                             Billy Eckstein

17. If My Heart Could Sing                            Marvin Gaye

18. Until You Come Back To Me                  Mickey Howard

19. Baby I Miss You                                          Marv  Johnson

20. Until You Come Back To Me                  Johnny Mathis

21. Until You Come Back To Me                  Basia

21. Until You Come Back To Me.                  Luther Vandross

22. Until You Come Back To Me                   Junior Walker & The All Stars

23. Until You Come Back To Me                   The Four Tops

24. When Dee Dee is Blue                              Robert McCarthy

25. In A Quiet Place                                         The Broadnax Voices

26. Stranger In Town                                        The Broadnax Voices

27. Lately                                                             The Broadnax Voices

He shared with me little tidbits about how he transported the Supremes to and from the studio because he was the only person with a car at the time. He told me about how he and Clarence Paul were the first to work with Stevie Wonder, then They called him little Stevie Wonder then. He told me that it was he that put Barry Gordy in touch with the real estate company that sold him the building on West Grand Blvd. He told me that he worked with many of the artist at Motown adding the infamous “clap” to their sound track. Helping in the vocal arrangements on many of the groups soundtracks. Marvin Gaye was his best buddy they would play golf together, spare together, and just plain hang out together. Smokey Robinson and Renaldo “Obie” Benson of the Four Tops were also golfing buddies of Mr. Broadnax.

At 78, Mr. Broadnax was still busy writing and composing songs. As a matter of fact he

expressed the desire to reunite with Ms. Aretha Franklin, so that she can sing a song entitled “Unity”. ,  he wrote “Unity” as a collaborative effort between he and a prolific songwriter by the name of Ms. Dee Dee McNeil. She wrote “Why Girl” by the Precisions, and “Struggling Man ” by Edwin Starr.

Mr. Broadnax has mentored such groups as “Us Everyday People” and the “Broadnax Voices”, later to be renamed the “Teddy Harris Voices”. Robert McCarthy has a cut on his CD entitled “When Dee Dee is Blue, and “Thats Me” written by Mr. Broadnax.

Mr. Morris Broadnax was also a community activist he had quite an involvement with the Detroit Public Schools, he fought side by side with Ms. Helen Moore dealing with issues of quality education in their community. He also took Federal title one money and hired Teachers Aides

Mr. Broadnax was politically active in his community he inspired Senator Hanson Clarke to become the person he has become, who once was on public assistance, he gave him his first job.

Mr. Broadnax taught school at CYST along side of Ron Milner playwright and artist.

Together they wrote a song and play entitled Don’t Let Your Attitude Intrude.

I would like for the readers of this story to rally behind me and give me your ideas as to how we can or I can catapult this story into the hearts and minds of the American public, more importantly get this story into the hands of some willing film producers and create a Hollywood film about Mr. Broadnax a truly worthy Unsung Hero of Motown.  I encourage readers to visit,,and search Mathenia555, then search Motown’s Unsung Hero. Mr. Broadnax granted me an exclusive live interview before his death.

(Article written by) James (jim Jam) Mathenia


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